Giving Thank You Cards On A Cruise

It’s so much fun to make someone smile! On our first cruise in Feb 2017 we encountered many crew who were super kind to us and went out of their way to do something extra just because.

This really inspired us to do more to show our appreciation for extra efforts.

Our next cruise, we decided to pre write 10 thank you cards with comments like “thank you for making our day great” or “your kindness made me smile” or “we appreciate what you do”.

Then place $20 in each card and carry them with us so we would be ready and never miss an opportunity to give an extra thank you.

We were able to give out all our cards that next cruise! Sometimes it was because someone came by with extra coffee or juice while we were having breakfast in the buffet, extra smiles, sharing stories, being personable, bringing an extra drink, bringing us a pen and paper so we can score our card game, maybe a musician who made our night, or going up and beyond in their job they do week to week. It is so much fun to see the joy and surprise of someone getting a card.

There were unexpected benefits giving cards too!

For example, a staff member would go out of their way to say hello to us or to chat with us all week long. We would get extra attention and it made us smile and laugh. Bartenders would laugh with us and remember us.

Here are only some of our card receivers, thanks everyone. You all made our vacation wonderful, keep doing what you do!

It’s not much, but it’s so much fun! Now, this is a firm tradition we do on all our cruises. Giving kindness, even simple gestures, can make someone’s day and my heart smile!!

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