Trying ships NOT with Norwegian Cruise Line

Since we stepped on our first cruise ship in early 2017, we have always cruised on a Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) ship. The Escape, Getaway, Bliss, Jade, Breakaway, and the Sky have all been our “home”. The way NCL set up its cruise line is just about perfect for us and we have had no reason at all to try other lines. Until now.

We’ve made some really great friends in the YouTube cruising community, and we really want to continue to be around them. We wanted to cruise with the Josh and Michelle from the YouTube channel Adventures Ahead and so off we go on Carnival Glory in November of 2019.

Some of our close friends convinced us to book another one, this time in March of 2020 on Carnival Magic.

So, here we go. Leaving, temporarily, the cozy and wonderful world of NCL cruise ships and taking two cruises on a cruise line that does things very differently than NCL leaves me a bit nervous and a bit excited. I mean, we can’t lose here. Even if we find out that we don’t appreciate Carnival Cruise Line’s product, we will be with some great, fun people. So we will love our cruises either way. And I think that is a great way to try something new. Bring it on!

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