Norwegian Sky Cruise Ship Photo Journal

It’s unusual how booking the Norwegian Sky cruise came to be a reality. I wanted to celebrate a milestone anniversary about a month away. This 3 day cruise out of Miami was eye catching with two private islands, Harvest Caye and Great Stirrup Cay, along with Key West! This juicy itinerary sold us and we booked right away! This would be a great way to celebrate

Cruise day was finally here and we had an amazing time exploring the ship, meeting new friends, enjoying open bar, and private islands. What was a 3 day cruise felt like a whole week! Here is my photo journal of my time aboard the Norwegian Sky.

If you prefer to watch videos, click here for our Norwegian Sky Cruise video series, NCL Sky Ship Tour, NCL Sky Room Tour, and NCL Sky Casino Tour.


The Norwegian Sky has a brilliant pool deck. It is one of my favorite places to hang out. The energy was even more exciting at the sailaway parties from Miami and any port than I had ever experienced on a cruise. I was shocked the fun lasted almost 2 hours with lots of dancing, music, and shenanigans. The best sailaway ever.

The pool deck is surrounded by oodles of lounge chairs, chairs and tables in the shade, a bar and stage. Very nice setup. 4 hottubs take center stage as the very middle of the two pools. Occasionally, they will have bands play at the pool, have a Ms. Norwegian Sky, or hairy leg contest. I love the seating in the shade where you can enjoy the music, see the shows, and get great service from the bar.

The bar, Topsiders, is also the location to get a fresh squeezed veggie and fruit juice in the morning, and they always have self serve fresh lemon or fruit infused water at the bar. I loved the night party at the pool, the White Hot Party with the glow sticks and paint was so much fun for all ages! There is a deck overlooking the pool with tables and chairs, and Champs Bar to enjoy a cold drink on a hot day.


I chose to stay in an ocean view room. The room was plenty spacious with lots of storage in the closet and drawers. The light from the window made all the difference. In each light, next to the bed, there is one USB charge port and a standard and European outlet on the vanity/desk. A chair that folds into a bed sits in the corner and is so nice to have. The vanity has an extra light and shelves for more storage. The bathroom is decent size; however the shower is very small with a fabric shower curtain. Overall nice, warm decor and coloring and was very comfortable.

Norwegian Sky

Bars and Restaurants

For being a smaller ship, there are so many places to listen to music or take in a show and enjoy an adult beverage of your choosing. Here are a few of my favorites.

The Spinnaker Lounge is at the very front of the ship, its outside deck provides a great viewing place to watch a port come or go. Inside the Spinnaker Lounge you will find a bar, piano, stage, and many chairs, tables and benches. The decor is modern, with a classic almost cigar lounge feel. Dark woods and leather mixed with gold and off white. I found myself going up there just to find a quiet spot to sit for a while.

Pinnacle Bar and Sushi was another favorite, it is located at the aft with large windows to view the ocean as it goes by. As sushi places usually go, this has a cool vibe. Lots of chairs and small tables. There are seats at the sushi bar where you can watch the sushi artists put together their delicious masterpieces.

Sugarcane Mojito Bar seems to always be different on the Norwegian ships. This one is tucked away a little. Its convenient when you board this ship so they used it as a bag and suitcase check before the rooms were ready. It has a long bar with mirrors in the back and shelves perfectly lined with rums. It has a speak easy feel. Stand or sit at the high table in the middle or take in the scene feom the couches and chairs along the outside. Its low lit, and it’s a lot of fun to sip on an exotic cocktail and listen to the piano or singer in the evenings.

Bliss Ultra Lounge is right next to Sugarcane Mojito bar. This is a large venue with round seats, a stage, and a bar. This is probably the most versatile space as they change up the seating throughout the sailing to meet the needs of whatever event they are holding from lit night life to art auctions.

The Local Bar & Grill is a neat English style pub. Big leather chairs along the outside edge, dining chair and tables in the middle and bar seating with large wooden barstools. This place transports you to a different world. There is pub fare well into the night, and TVs to watch teams become champions.


The Sky Casino is larger than I expected. It looks very nice and doesn’t seem to feel too squished. Table games take up the middle and slot machines along the outer edges. I felt that they had current games mostly which is nice. I almost expected an old casino with clunky games and this was the complete opposite than that. The ceiling was not mirrored tiles like you might expect, or gawdy colors. There is color, but it does not overwhelm you. This is a surprisingly fun place to hang out. There is a bar to one end with video poker and attentive bartenders.

Garden Cafe

The buffet is next to the pool which is super convenient. It looks nice with seating near the windows to watch the ocean fly by. Its clean and modern, with fresh colors of green, tan, and white. There is a separate spot for scoop ice cream. The main buffet has two entrances that meet in the middle. I would prefer stations since the people.flow would be better. It works though, you might have a little wait in the middle of the day.

Right outside the Garden Cafe is a shady outdoor area with tables and chairs called The Great Outdoors. Enjoy a breezy morning watching the wake. This is a pretty spot!

Outside Enjoyment

There are plenty of places to enjoy the fresh air. From the upper decks with shuffleboard, golfing nets, basketball court to the promenade where you can walk around the ship on the walking/jogging path. There are a few loungers to help you get away for a moment and watch the ocean. I am glad they have this and feel it is under utilized for the outside relaxation potential it holds.

Overall, this ship was a pleasant surprise. Its clean, updated, and feels more like a large ship with all the venues it has.


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Norwegian Getaway Cruise Vlogs

The NCL Getaway provided the perfect vacation! I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with this sailing. I had been waiting such a long time since our last cruise, we put together a pre cruise vlog also!!

Please join us on our journey, check out our Getaway Cruise Vlogs!

Includes island Tours on Costa Maya and Cozumel, Roatan Cruise Port, and lots of fun on this beautiful ship!

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Norwegian Cruise Line’s Photogenic Private Island – Harvest Caye, Belize

Harvest Caye, Belize NCL Private Island, Norwegian Cruise Line, Photo Review of cruise private island, beach life, cruise life #cruisedestinations #nclcruise
Harvest Caye. Belize NCL Private Island

One thing I love most about cruising is visiting exotic places. I was not sure what my experience would be on a private island. I have always had a special place in my heart for the Caribbean. I wanted to go see beautiful islands with the white sand and beautiful water always as I grew up. You know, the ones you hear about and see in movies but are not sure they actually exist until you get to experience one! One of Norwegian Cruise Line’s private islands is Harvest Caye, Belize and is absolutely incredible. Here are my thoughts and a photo review of this island.

Norwegian ships can dock right on the island. This is very convenient and awesome because there is not a worry whether the ship can stop or not. You can get great video of the approach, perhaps you might want to do a timelapse of coming or going, it’s all pretty neat.

The pier is pretty long; however, they have a few benches along the way and complimentary go cart ride if need be.

This is also a great place to get pictures of you, your family and friends, with only the ship behind you right from the pier.

Harvest Caye, Belize Norwegian Cruise Line, NCL, Norwegian Jade, Norwegian Getaway, Norwegian Breakaway, Private Island
Harvest Caye, Belize NCL Private Island Pier

Coming up the walkway you are greeted with the Welcome to Harvest Caye sign and smiles from the employees. On down the path you will find mist sprayers and places to sit along the way. Of course, they will want all visitors to march near the shops hoping something will catch their eye. There are several shops you will find, and even more down another path. Chocolate, coconut drinks, t-shirts, goggles. Anything you might need. This island is clean and looks great. On the left, there is a marina to catch excursions like parasailing and taxi boats to the mainland for other fun things to do.

On the right, past the shops, is the path to the pool. This is a beautifully manicured island, there are tons of palm trees and lots and lots of chairs surrounding the pool. The pool weaves its way under a bridge with falling water with a swim up bar at one end and a splash zone for the kids at the other. It’s really amazing! Inside the pool are plenty of places to sit on the edge or in the middle islands where palm trees will shade you. It wouldn’t feel like a pool party without music! The bar takes care of that! Such a fun time. I did not notice it being overly crowded either. I thought it was just perfect.

Beyond the pool is big blue. Access to the ocean is so easy. The beach is lined with chairs and covered cabanas and oodles of palm trees. It looks like a postcard. The wooden walking paths are so nice, no trudging through sinking sand to get all over the island. I found a shady spot to sit and take in the sights and sounds for quite a while. You can see the ship from the beach also, peaking over the trees on the far end of the beach.

There are a few places to get food and drinks, not complimentary on this island. I enjoyed a few anyways and had a great time. Found the perfect place to people watch from high stools in one of the bars.

The island lighthouse is one of the focal points of this island. It’s actually the zipline over the beach. It’s pretty fun to see people flying along in delight over all our heads. The lighthouse stands out for sure, it’s a great photo opportunity with the pretty water behind and bright blue skies.

Kayaks, paddle boards, lockers are available to rent too. The private island day can be as full of activities or as low key as desired.

I loved sitting on a bench and watching the world go by, its so peaceful! Check out 2 minutes in Paradise in Harvest Caye!

Vlog of Harvest Caye, Belize

Thank you for being here! If you enjoyed the photo’s check out our vlogs of our time on Harvest Caye, Belize!

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NCL Jade Cruise Ship Review

Norwegian Jade, NCL Jade Cruise Review

Booking the 7 night Caribbean Cruise Norwegian Jade from Miami, FL was a simple decision, two private islands and Key West were the itinerary, and the casino offered this as a free cruise because of prior play. Coming from a large NCL Cruise Ship just a couple months prior, I was curious what the Norwegian Jade would be like. Here are the highlights with my thoughts and a photo journal of the ship.


First impressions of the ship come as you enter into the Atrium space. The Atrium is nice and cozy, sandwiched between the bar and cafe. There is a large screen with announcements and location map on the dual staircase above the Atrium. You can find the Guest Services and Shore Excursions here also. Heavenly light shines on the centerpiece of the space, the grand piano. Many comfortable and roomy chairs benches await the cruise passengers and are snuggled in by warm lit lamps and small clear tables. Patrons in the pub O’Sheehans can overlook the Atrium from the next deck with the clear glass half walls. The Atrium also has a glassy, wavy chandelier light that spreads across the ceiling and changes colors as the days go by. You can find relaxing music such as guitar or piano here most evenings.

Norwegian Jade, NCL Jade Cruise Review
Norwegian Jade Atrium
Norwegian Jade, NCL Jade Cruise Review

Pool Deck

One of my favorite first things to do when I get on a ship is to go see the upper pool deck and views of the port. The pool space of a ship says a lot about the ship itself. This ship’s pool area is so nice! For a smaller ship, this deck has everything you need and is very spacious. I was surprised. There is a bar and small snacks space on one end and stage on the other. There are two main pools, adults only and family. The pools are clean and bright. An abundance of seating is available, not only in lounge chairs, also there is a seating on the pool edge and cool off with your feet in, in the pool there is a lower level just to sit in water, and the deck above. I also noticed a couple of outdoor couch pods if you’re the lucky ones to score that spot. The family pool has stairs for easy entry. There are also two hot tubs one for adults and one for family. Tucked in the corner is the kiddie pool with a small slide for the littles. Lots of chairs soon to be full once the ship is out to sea! I will definitely be back for sailaway too to surround myself with happy people ready to have a good time.

From the pool deck there are stairs that lead to the upper deck overlooking the pool. You will find Topsiders bar and a small space with burgers and hotdogs with the toppings. There is seating here for the burgers with a 50s Grill feel. My favorite spot is the stools and long counter overlooking the pool area this is where I found myself most afternoons enjoying a Mango Meltdown or another adult beverage. It’s a great spot for listening to music, watching entertainment by the pool, and people watching, yes soon people are dancing and having fun!

There are also upper decks for sunbathing or reading in a quiet spot away from the pool party vibe. Take in great views up here too!

Spinnaker Lounge

Spinnaker Lounge is by far one of the top places to hang out on the Norwegian Jade. On deck 15, this cozy venue has a variety of chairs, tables, a stage, and a bar. The Spinnaker Lounge is great for Trivia, Officer Q&A, evening shows, and dance parties. I was so impressed by this space, this is a quiet place to come during the day and get a nice view of the ocean or ports. Definitely must check it out if you can.

 Norwegian cruise line Jade. NCL Jade cruise review

Garden Buffet

There are many great places to eat on this ship, we mainly ate in the Garden Cafe Buffet because it was quick and easy. Two lines for the same foods to help a bit with flow. Nice places to sit, even some with a view which is nice. Through the buffet to the outer deck you can sit in the shade and grab a bite from that line too.

 Norwegian cruise line Jade. NCL Jade cruise review

Jade Casino

We spent a little time (and money) in the Jade Casino. We did come out ahead for the week. Although, it was smaller and older than some ships, still a nice space and lots of energy and fun later in the evening. Metal ceiling tiles give a retro look, reminds me of a casino on Fremont Street in Las Vegas. There are red chinese lanterns from the ceiling and that’s a common color in this casino, rug to chairs and walls. I guess red is a lucky color? There are 4 poker spots on each side of the bar, plenty of space sit and play while the bartender can easily provide drinks. There are a variety of slot machines to pick from. Be sure to stake your claim on a machine before sailaway to guarantee slot play on your favorites! It does get busy. I did not notice too much smoke smell on my sailing.

Bar City

Another sweet area to highlight is called, Bar City, next to the casino. Three lounges adjacent to each other and something for everyone: Whiskey and Beer Bar, Martini Bar, and Champagne and Wine Bar. At the end near the casino you find a charming space for a performer and comfortable chairs. We heard music here many times, or even walking by upstairs as it is open to the upper deck.

Video Room Tour

Check out the room too! This space was really nice!

Inside Stateroom
Norwegian Jade Room Tour – NCL

NCL Inside Cabin, Stateroom Tour, Cruise Room Tour, Norwegian Jade
Norwegian Cruise Line – Jade Cabin


NCL Jade Cruise Vlogs

If you liked the ship overview, check our our cruise vlogs!

NCL Jade Cruise

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NCL Jade Cruise Vlog # 10 Sunset Leaving Key West – Last Night


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Trying ships NOT with Norwegian Cruise Line

Since we stepped on our first cruise ship in early 2017, we have always cruised on a Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) ship. The Escape, Getaway, Bliss, Jade, Breakaway, and the Sky have all been our “home”. The way NCL set up its cruise line is just about perfect for us and we have had no reason at all to try other lines. Until now.

We’ve made some really great friends in the YouTube cruising community, and we really want to continue to be around them. We wanted to cruise with the Josh and Michelle from the YouTube channel Adventures Ahead and so off we go on Carnival Glory in November of 2019.

Some of our close friends convinced us to book another one, this time in March of 2020 on Carnival Magic.

So, here we go. Leaving, temporarily, the cozy and wonderful world of NCL cruise ships and taking two cruises on a cruise line that does things very differently than NCL leaves me a bit nervous and a bit excited. I mean, we can’t lose here. Even if we find out that we don’t appreciate Carnival Cruise Line’s product, we will be with some great, fun people. So we will love our cruises either way. And I think that is a great way to try something new. Bring it on!

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