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The dirt road blurs past me under my bicycle tires. I grip the handles tight to stay steady with each bump and lean forward to get as much speed as possible. I am the invincible swamp princess, faster than light, flying down the hill with great delight!

Growing up on the countryside, there were endless possibilities for imagination and endless possibilities to end up with some scrapes and bruises. Even so, I wouldn’t change those memories for anything.

I would head back to the house for a temporary timeout to get patched up. I am convinced it was the magical hugs and loving encouragement that helped me jump right into my next adventure.

A hug at the right moment and a kind shoulder to lean on is the sprinkle of magic that keeps us walking toward hope

Mimi NOvik

Even now, life’s emotional scrapes may require a little timeout to get patched up, a hug to feel better, and encouragement to keep going.

Did you know that science has determined a hug that lasts 20 seconds has medical healing qualities that can relieve depression and anxiety? I think that’s pretty amazing!

Hugs. What an interesting thing we humans do, right? Tradition and culture drives some of this for sure.

We hug our kids, our pets, our friends, and our families. Hug when you arrive and hug when you leave. Hug for celebration and hug for consolation. I remember growing up we would say goodbye and give all our hugs then chat a little longer and give another goodbye hug or two before actually leaving.

All hugs are meaningful and good for the soul. I think it is because it connects us and exchanges the love we share, and we still need that connection.

Things have changed in the recent days and hugs are, for now, off limits. It is more challenging to find ways to connect and encourage others. And the world really needs that now. Whether it is loss, loneliness, joblessness, isolation, sickness, fear, anxiety, most of us are feeling something these days that is bringing us down.

Sometimes we need the hug and sometimes we can give the hug, so I am here to offer you my warmest virtual hug. #Freehugs


I believe that knowing someone cares is a big virtual hug. I am sure you can remember a time when you melted into a hug.

It came at the right time and someone knew you needed it. All worries melted away, time stood still, and love surrounded. With renewed strength and courage, you would exhale and know you can face another day.

So I hope you can melt into this virtual hug as it belongs to you, by way of encouragement and love. Wherever and whoever you are, be encouraged.

Because you are important, and I care. You have strength inside you bigger than you understand, that will help you to move on beyond brokeness. You are courageous to face things we have never seen in our lifetime and maybe never will again. I know it is scary, and things we were used to may now forever change. I know and I understand.

I also understand you have an amazing spirit of resiliancy. You are smart and amazing. No one is like you. Your uniqueness brings something in this world that no one else can. There is goodness and greatness in you and you can let that shine to give those around you hope. Always remember that.

So please, take a free virtual hug. If you don’t need a hug, someone else might. If you are able and willing, please pass it on. Gift that virtual hug of love and encouragement to someone in need.

With Love,

Dancer Quest

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