Diary of a Cruiser Chapter 6 Sea Day Fun on the Ship

From a dark room with no windows and no morning alarm, quiet slumber lingered well into the morning. Have you ever felt like you did not move a muscle all night? That is what happened this morning. Amazing sleep stacked on waking organically to my internal clock is making this the beginning of an enjoyable sea day.

If you prefer to watch, check it out

Carnival Glory Cruise Vlog

I am happy to be living in this glorious moment, the ocean, the sunset, and the friendships. If you could bottle delight, this would be it!

Sea breeze and blue sky cravings pull at my heart on a cruise, especially when I stay in an inside stateroom. So usually the first thing I love to do is breathe in some fresh ocean air and watch the ship start to wake up.

Carnival Glory Pool Deck
Sea Day Pool – Carnival Glory

My favorite breakfast on this ship is the veggie taco at the Blue Iguana Cantina. It’s pretty filling and I like to spice it up with the options at the salsa bar. There are a few of us getting our Cantina fix on this morning so there is a little wait to get our food. I feel bad for the Cantina workers who are visually hot, that grill for the meat is obviously extremely warm. I appreciate their efforts and patience with all of us hungry cruisers. Island music plays by the pool and people are picking their lounge chairs to occupy for this lovely sea day.

Up winding stairs by the pool is the best way to get a better view of the ocean. This morning was breezier than most, which makes it way easier to get natural sea hair. I tend to let the breeze manage my hairdo on a cruise, instead of arguing with it to do it my way. I never win that argument, I guess the saying goes… pick your battles, this is no different.

I spent some time walking around various outside decks. The ocean is so very blue and it is windy yet pleasant. The sea is moving quickly. I love watching the waves and white bubbles whoosh around the ship. I choose to go to a deck where I can see the ocean without a plexi-glass obstructed view.

I love taking advantage of hanging out with friends whenever I can on a cruise, so today I am meeting a couple of our good friends at the Sea Day Brunch. I may even get a fresh squeezed juice! I wish they had that option every day and not just on sea days at the brunch.

It was not long before we were seated at a table meant for a group much larger than 4 people. We had the whole table to ourselves, plus I got to sit by the window and watch the ocean go by, that is such a fun view. This qualifies as second breakfast, so it is likely I am part hobbit.

Fresh squeezed juice charged to room card and delivered to the table in mere minutes. I get the Pineapple, Lime, Turmeric, and Honey fresh squeezed juice. This is the best $5 I have spent in a long time, probably since the other juice from the last Sea Day Brunch just a few days ago. It tastes really good. Maybe it’s because I have had a scratchy throat for a couple days, but it’s tasting even better than normal and so soothing on my throat. I need to avoid that cruise crud and fight it with everything I have. Toast and coffee and with almond milk arrived too. This was such a special time with friends, Donna and Carl. There are always good laughs and memories made with these two.

There is some time before the next event so there is time to do a quick load of laundry to make sure I leave with some fresh clothes. The laundry room is on my stateroom floor and it is so loud in there! If you are lucky there will be an open machine. There are 3 washers and 6 dryers. It costs $3 a load, and $1 for detergent. I found a washer and threw things in, paid with the room card and it charges to your room once you pick your lucky washer. OK, set timer for 30 minutes and then come back to switch the laundry to the dryer. I had never done laundry on the ship, it was pretty easy. I think i would take detergent and dryer sheets next time if I was planning to do a few loads.

After putting the clothes away, it’s time to head upstairs to the casino. We are doing Group Slot Pull 2.0 with folks from our cruise. This time we put in $120 each for 10 $12 spins. It was not too long and all of us had pushed the button for our chance at a huge hand pay. Today, it was not meant to be. We did not lose it all, and it was still so much fun. Maybe we can find luck later!

Carnival Glory Casino

I decided to go explore a little since it is almost the end of the cruise. First, checking out the stores for good deals. Sea days are great days to find sales in the halls of the shopping corridor. Buy 2 tshirts for $20, buy 5 things for $40, Buy one get one half off.

There is a sale for everything you could possibly need and a probably for more than a few things you don’t need. I did see some fun shirts in the gift shop and shot glasses that caught my eye.

On my way out I hear something happening in the theater so I stopped in to see what was going on. There is a game called Lights, Camera, Interaction where people end up dressing in a costume piece by piece and then performing a famous scene from a movie, like Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean. When I look around there is only handful of people sitting in there. Not much happening here and I want to go check out the pool deck now that it has filled up.

Carnival Glory Theater
Carnival Glory Theater

The island heartbeat of the steel drums fill the entire pool deck creating an relaxing Caribbean vibe. This pool deck has layers and layers of lounge chairs, many of them are filled. People trying to soak up those last hours of sunshine before heading back to their homes. Perhaps where they will be going is much colder than here.

I wore jeans this morning and surprisingly I am uncomfortably warm, it was not the best choice on my part. Oh well, I want to go all the way to the very top of the ship. This means up to the mini golf under the Whale Tale. Along they way is the running track, lounge chairs, and shuffle board.

A very heavy metal gate was the entrance to get into the sport court where there is a smaller basketball and volleyball court. It is filled with teens and kids having a good time, maybe some of them are making lifelong friends. I find my way around the volleyball game, trying not to be in the way and head up the stairs in the back to the mini golf. This looks like a fun time, its just so windy, it would be hard to hear people you are playing with. Its nice and sunny! I really love this sea day weather.

Back downstairs, I am able to freshen up before meeting all my friends up in the Serenity lounge. My hair is wind-blown, knots everywhere!! It was nice to sit for just a bit and cool off. Interesting that the casino has delivered mini cookies to our room, we must have played a bit to get those.

I love the Serenity Deck, its an adult only place where you can find lay down loungers or sitting chairs that are very comfortable. There is a bar for refreshing drinks, or a water jug if that is all you want. Many people will get food from the buffet, a burger, or burrito and bring it up to Serenity.

I have to admit, it’s a great place to hang out with an amazing view of the ocean. There is also very nice seating with lots of room to visit with others. I think I was up there a couple of hours, spending time with a great group of friends. I am happy to be living in this glorious moment, the ocean, the sunset, and the friendships. If you could bottle delight, this would be it! I love the moments where I can catch the sunset too. Beautiful!

Catching the Sunset with my friend Amanda
Friends on Serenity

We all head back to our rooms before dinner and decide to meet at Alchemy Bar for a quick drink. I have been so good at trying new drinks at the Alchemy Bar, they have such a fun menu. Today, I could not pass up getting another French Kiss that I had yesterday and did not try something new. We were also given a tasty little snack tray with olives, almonds, and cheese cubes. Both the drink and the snacks were so delicious. We have a little visit with everyone before going down for dinner.

There are so many things that I want to do this evening. We ended up going to the Piano Bar and to the 80’s Party in the Atrium. Lots of fun there! We spent a lot of time in the casino and visiting. It was such a nice time, even though the casino was hot. I had to go outside and get some air. Colorful lights bring life to the dark pool deck and its really a neat sight.

A couple of my friends who were still up at this hour decided to go sit out on Serenity, even though it is dark, the air is cool and the breeze is really relaxing.

Carnival Glory Piano Bar
Piano Bar – Carnival Glory

It is crazy how time flies on a cruise. There is so much to do, yet still plenty of time for relaxing. Well, this is the end of this Diary of a Cruiser. It has been so wonderful having you along. Until next time, happy cruising!

Chapter 123456

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Diary of a Cruiser Chapter 4 Carnival Glory Costa Maya Mexico

I couldn’t resist rolling over with the fluffy blanket and catching a few more minutes of sleep this morning. The room is pitch black, except for the blue light coming from my usb charging block on the vanity counter, so I guess other than that it’s quite dark. I’ve often thought I should put some black tape over that one glowing button. I don’t normally get to or can sleep in, so this was nice there was no rush to get going today.

It is a casual schedule today of walking around and shopping in the port of Costa Maya, Mexico. I did not plan on any excursion; however there are plenty of things to pick from. We docked together with 3 mega cruise ships, Royal Caribbeans Harmony of the Seas, the Celebrity Edge, and Norwegian’s Escape. Our ship looks like a baby next to these giants of the sea. I love seeing all the ships while in port.

“…cruising is a great way to get out there and find something you like.”

If you would rather watch the video, check it out!

Carnival Glory Cruise EP4

I had some veggie tacos at Blue Iguana up on the Lido Deck and sat by the window to see the NCL Escape. This wonder of a ship has a special place in my heart as my first cruise ship ever. First cruise is the sweetest! It was such a surprise to see it and brought back some happy memories. Someday I would love to get back on that ship!

The wind is strong here, it always is here in Costa Maya. I noticed the Harmony of the Seas docking once breakfast was finished and went up the stairs by the pool to deck 10 to see the ship come in. They had closed the pier while the Harmony pulls in for safety, so if you were not off yet you were waiting at least 30 minutes.

I pushed in between a couple of lounge chairs to get to the railing. It looks like a people zoo on the other ship, or maybe we were the people zoo from their perspective. Many people sitting in their balcony lounge chairs, some people inside their cabins, some up on top having breakfast, or waving at all of us looking at them. I am really surprised how much we could see into the other ship. People are very comfortable inside their balcony cabins with their curtains open. It is such a grand ship, and looking at it from our top deck with several decks still towering over me is such a humbling moment. Seriously, it’s fun to see the neighbor ships at the ports.

I am meeting everyone down in the Atrium at 1030 am today because we are all just taking our time to get off the ship. Some of us have been here before and really we just want to walk around the port shopping area. But first, coffee, so nice to get free coffee with the drinks package, so it was a vanilla almond milk latte for me. Yum!!

The Atrium is quiet, but there is still a buzz of excitement. It’s fun watching people and groups come in, sit a while then leave, or get a drink from the Atrium Bar. Maybe an exciting chapter of Costa Maya will be written in their life story today. Could it be an ATV adventure, ziplining, tequila tasting, dolphin swimming, or maybe a relaxing beach day massage with a 2 for 1 beer special? Whatever it is, cruising is a great way to get out there and find something you like. I absolutely love that about cruising, something for everyone!

Time to go to the port, I gather all the important things and head to deck zero. The breeze might catch a hat or two today, hang on to your things! Costa Maya would not feel the same without it.

It’s a little walk down the pier, our ship is next to the Harmony of the Seas which is a mega ship. It feels like I am going through a tunnel between these two ships. This place is humming with activity with people sharing the same pier to get off. I have a feeling that this port is going to be super busy. I have never seen 4 ships here at one time. I don’t think this port really can handle all those people. It will be an interesting thing to see.

Costa Maya Pier – Harmony of the Seas and Carnival Glory

It’s always fun to take pictures of the water here, even though it’s not calm, it’s really pretty and the chaos of the crashing waves has a charm. Who doesn’t appreciate a little beautiful chaos.

I enter into an area with just a few vendors, a sign with large letters spelling Costa Maya, another multi directional sign for various things at this port, and an excursion sign up if you are looking for something to do today. To the right of the entrance are people dressed in native Mexican garb of elaborate feathers and leather, drumming and dancing. Of course, you can also can get your picture with them for a small fee or tip.

Costa Maya Port Entrance

Through an open building to the main port shopping area. Brightly colored hats, bags, clothing and collectibles seem to pop from the vendor shops. Above the shops there is a rope bridge throughout the whole port, you can pay a little extra to walk above everyone for a new perspective. People going in and out of shops and passionate sales people asking if you would like to come check out their things.

There is a show in the main courtyard with traditional Mexican Dancers atop a tall spinning pole, only to make their way down to the ground while they play flutes without safety harnesses. That scene is a little unnerving to me and probably a lot of people but we watch anyways.

Costa Maya Mexican Pole Dance

People seem to meander through the streets looking for that perfect gift or souvenir to bring home. I like to walk by the shops to catch some air conditioning. It’s the truth! I think the jewelry shops have the coldest air wafting from their stores. I think they know what they are doing, people want to be cool, so maybe they will want to stand a look and of course buy jewelry. So many people shoulder to shoulder here today. It is really warm and sticky and there is not much of a breeze coming through at all.

All the benches and stone wall ledges are packed with people. An actual people jam slows everyone down in a squeezy spot on the path near a large pool. It’s the one way through. That pool actually looks very inviting, its bright and sparkly since the sun is out. There are lounge chairs to claim and pool music if you just want to have a fun, relaxing pool day. Many palm trees are scattered through the seating area offering much needed shade from the hot sun.

Across the pool, people are enjoying their authentic Mexican food and margaritas at an open air restaurant with colorful wooden chairs. There are lots of additional restaurants throughout as well, although today it’s very packed. Down the path behind the pool there are flamingos, parrots, a chocolate company with samples, and many places to try some tequila. Visitors are also swimming with the dolphins. Just past the dolphin pool I caught a glimpse of the ships in port. The Carnival Glory is hiding, but it’s there.

The whole port layout looks more complicated than it is. The paths curve and turn, go around a pool and various things, but in the end it leads you back to the entrance and reveals that the port is actually not that huge. The back exit is the taxi and excursion area, this time I did not go back there, it was just fun just wandering these streets.

Time to head back to the ship, it’s a long walk and its so nice when the air conditioning hits you as you enter the ship!! It was really hot out. I got back to the ship and grabbed a rice bowl from Blue Iguana Cantina and met all our friends in the Buffet. The buffet has a sailing theme, sailboats and blue and tan colors. I think we all drank a bunch of water after being out in the hot air.

Time to head back to the ship, it’s a long walk and its so nice when the air conditioning hits you as you enter the ship!! It was really hot out. What a neat view to see our ship from this side of the port.

I got back to the ship and grabbed a rice bowl from Blue Iguana Cantina and met all our friends in the Buffet. The buffet has a sailing theme, sailboats and blue and tan colors. I think we all drank a bunch of water after being out in the hot air.

The rice bowl filled me up and I need to cool off so I head to my room. Once I had time to freshen up, I decided to stop at the coffee shop for vitamin water and hot water for tee. My throat felt a little scratchy and I wanted to try and prevent it from getting worse. I sat on the couches between the Alchemy Bar and the casino, the the grand Harmony of the Seas is outside the window. This is a really good day.

There is country music trivia in the Atrium and our group is going to do their best to get a ship on the stick. I am afraid I am not much help here, I can think of song titles but artist names are tough.

Before it starts, I cannot resist the temptation to go out on deck 3 and see the ocean. The Norwegian Escape has left port and sails into the evening. Adios, my fair ship! The Celebrity Edge is next and then us. Deck 3 has a few chairs but is mostly open for walking, and a railing to lean on and see the ocean, it is nice it is not full plexi-glass so I can feel that Costa Maya wind, its feels great!

It’s time for trivia. I will be the first to admit, for me anyways, some trivia games are quite dry and not very exciting. This one was so much fun. Our group teamed up and knew the answers! It was a jolly good time singing along with the songs. So it is trivia that brings us all together. Who knew? It came down to a tie breaker with another team and ours, and Josh from my team won! Yay for the ship on a stick. And yay for good times with good friends which happens to be one of my favorite things on a cruise!

Somehow the day has quickly escaped me and it is late into the evening. Up next is the Love and Marriage Show. This is absolutely a do not miss event. It really is a good time, at least for the audience. The theater is lit in colors of love. On stage, brave couples with varied lengths of marriage answer embarrassing questions to see which couple knows each other best and gets the best match. Do you know your Boo? I couldn’t go up on stage like that and reveal all those things in front of everyone! This time, the cruise director made it quite entertaining calling the room of one of the couples to speak to a sister and another time asking the older couple some questions to make the older lady blush, but it is all in good fun. Champagne prizes and hugs and kisses by each couple ends the show and we head out of the theater which cheeks hurting from laughing.

The night is not over even this show was, it is time for the adult scavenger hunt game called Quest. Lots of laughs found here! If you haven’t seen it once you should. The room is split into teams and they must find creative ways to bring things the leader asks for to get team points. There are things like a fruit, a bra on a man, lipstick; however, beware it can get crazy. It is not for the easily offended audience.

It is late after the Quest show but most of us hit the casino for just a bit before heading to bed. It is now past 1 am and I am exhausted!

Join me for Chapter 5 – Incredible Infinity Bay in Roatan

Chapter 123456

Infinity Bay Roatan

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Dancer Quest in Costa Maya Mexico

Diary of a Cruiser Chapter 1 – Carnival Glory Embarkation Day

I woke up on this day with overflowing inspiration and excitement. It is cruise day!! I cannot wait to board the Carnival Glory Cruise Ship that is waiting for me at the New Orleans Port.

If you prefer to watch the video, check it out!

Carnival Glory Cruise Vlog EP1

” My favorite thing of the day was spending time with friends, seeing them smile, hearing their stories; it’s so wonderful and I’m so grateful for all of them!”

As always, I had not packed a separate pre-cruise bag and had to unload most of the packed suitcase to find what I needed, then repack everything. I don’t know if I will ever learn to pack a small first night bag. Finally ready, its downstairs to meet up with friends who will be joining us on the cruise and we make our way through the streets of New Orleans to the cruise terminal. I triple check we have passports and printed boarding pass in my purse, yep, they are still there.

Parking in the ramp was pretty simple, we chose to park close to the elevator door. Only Princess parking will do 🥰, just kidding, but it was nice to not be far away. There is a little chaos in security. So many people trying to keep their family and luggage together, dropping things everywhere, and leaving their boarding passes as they try to hurry. There are several security lines, so I decide to pick one further away with less people. With my super-girl strength, I launch my over-packed suitcase and my extra bag with the wine I brought onto the conveyor belt. “Oofda”, I am pretty sure that a little bit of Minnesota slipped out. Next to the security table for the full wine bottle inspection, and I’m all set to enter the seating area in the terminal.

Once in the terminal, I got my first glimpse of my home for the next week. This week is going to be epic! Cruising and friends is the perfect mix of awesome. Just like all cruises I take, it doesn’t feel real until you see that ship. I wonder what great memories are in store for me. I was able to find my friends saving a seat for me and make my way over even though I got in trouble by the room attendant because they had that area roped off already. Plus, I went to get two other friends to sit next to me who were sailing with all of us us. Too many people not following the rules!! I promise, these are the only folks coming to sit over in this section. I could sense the disapproving glare and it got me feeling a little smaller in my chair like a little kid getting in trouble, oopsies.

It is a rule that we all sit down, not stand and wander, not sure why. I do get a chance to snap a couple photos of the ship smack dab in front of me. There is a refreshment stand to purchase snicky-snacks, restrooms, and loads and loads of people waiting just like me. A wedding section to hold quite a few people is still empty, I hope they make it in time for their magical wedding on the ship!

Carnival Glory Cruise Ship

It seems like only minutes and they announce my group, Faster to the Fun (FTTF). Which is a fancy way of saying, “pay a little to get me on first”. This time it’s worth it, I feel a like a VIP!

The suitcase is full and I could have left it with the porter; however, this time I can get to my room right away and decided to bring it on myself. Up the gangway, it’s a bit of an incline and pulling probably fifty pounds of beachwear, extra clothes, shoes, necklaces and who knows what else is not easy. I must question my packing expertise, how many times have I put way to much in my suitcase, I am certainly paying for it now, but who knows if I will ever learn to do it right. On a positive note, I count this as my last pre-cruise workout!

Once inside, I am sent right into the Atrium. This space has color changing tiles in the ceiling and comfy couches and chairs to surround the small stage. The elevator bank is the ship’s feature wall. It sends your eyes all the way up to the top of the ship where you see a glass ceiling, talk about raising the roof! Neon lights set the mood and people are already starting to get their first drink of the cruise. I love this feeling on embarkation day! Once you cross that gangway and step your first foot onto the ship, it feels so official! I can sense the excitement and it’s contagious. All of us have had our countdowns for this cruise that tick slowly and finally the day has come! I am looking forward to this week of vacation so, so much!

Because I have the “get me fun fast ticket”, I knew the elevators should not be too busy and it would be nice to leave my good friend Ol’ Samsonite in the room while I get this party started; and considering Ol’ Samsonite doesn’t like to party anyways. It only took a few minutes for an elevator and up to 7th deck. I arrive in in the room just a few minutes later and do a quick video of the room before I drop and run off to the fun promised to me!

Carnival Glory Cruise Ship Inside Stateroom
Carnival Glory Inside Stateroom

We are finally back to the Atrium, where many more people are gathering, getting drinks, and pulling their suitcases. So many matching t-shirts for larger groups and people of all ages have come to enjoy a bit of fun in the sun this week. The energy is high, you can feel it! Maybe first time cruisers who stand in awe of the detail in this room, what will we do first?? I remember my first cruise, I was so nervous, I had booked and cancelled so many times before and this was the one final time I kept the booking and finally went on a cruise. Such great memories and I am so glad I tried it, it’s really is a wonderful way to meet people and see parts of the world I would not have normally.

Our group of eight have assembled in the Atrium and I sip my tropical drink without a straw, they will give you a sugar straw if you ask. My heart is happy. This is going to such an amazing time with amazing people, I thought to myself I have to cherish all of this, every moment!

After visiting for a while, I want to explore the casino as we will be spending some time here throughout the week. I must find all the winning machines. This casino space surprised me. Outside the strange Egyptian decor, it is very nice and pleasantly spacious. The coloring is not off-putting either. I have been on some ship casinos that almost you feel like you are in some strange, shiny closet. Seriously, can you feel the migraine headed your way? Anyways, in this casino, I was impressed by the space between the machines and tables and did not feel stuffy or crowded at all.

You will find large Egyptian statues scattered throughout. I am a detail person and I was surprised to see the themed ceiling, there are hieroglyphics and drawings I am not sure what they are. I also noticed on the ceiling carvings of camels in stone. Very interesting; however, I do think the deep red carpet with golden triangles and squares seems to bring the space together. There are mustard color chairs for the slot machines and high tops for the table games. Lots of great games here too, it will be fun to hang out here. On one side of the casino, you will find a bar with stools and a couple of bartenders and what seems to be a smaller dancer floor; on the other side, a sports bar. There is a tiny stage on the edge of the casino and nice looking couches, chairs, and tables ready to enjoy some live music.

Carnival Glory Cruise Ship Casino
Carnival Glory Casino

Up to the pool deck to the Blue Iguana Cantina to grab some lunch. Rice and veggies and all the toppings for me. Luggage has taken over the pool deck, everyone who cannot get into their room have to hang on to those suitcases. It makes for quite a crowded space. Then I head down to the room to unpack. There is so much storage on this little inside Stateroom, it will fit all I have plus some space left over. There is a vanity space with drawers and closet with lots of hangers, shelves for everything. I pretty much just grab my folded items and put in the shelves, hang as little as possible and throw the suit case under the bed (its great having so much space to store the suitcase underneath). I also have a tradition to put out my whiteboard outside and write some fun checklist items on it. Hey wala! I am all moved in!

Alright, move it, move it!! I don’t want to be late for muster drill and I fear I am. Off to Muster Station F, deck 4 outside. At this point I am thankful it’s not raining or too chilly. We line up with our fellow Muster F shipmates like cadets and receive important safety info before being released to enjoy our vacation. It always seems to take forever for it to be done even though we all know its necessary. It got to the point where I stood on one leg and rested my other like a flamingo then switched to the other leg. There has to be a better way to do this, its not often we have to stand for muster, many times I have been assigned to a dining room or something. It’s a good thing this group passed Muster and they release us first. That’s a big A+ for Muster Training on my report card!

I head straight up to the Lido for sail-away party. I have a new pep in my step, weaving around other walkers, a skill I have now perfected for sail-away day. This is one of my favorite things on a cruise. Since we are sailing out of New Orleans, we will be in the Mississippi River for several hours. It’s a very different type of sail-away from seeing the bridge and muddy river water to barges with fire lighting the sky and boats along the river even into the night. It’s a different kind of cool.

Before the dance party, I am able to get some video and pictures of New Orleans drifting off into the distance.

Of course, I must dance a little or attempt dancing. So I get on the dance floor and join in the celebration. People are at their happiest usually on this day of the cruise, it’s great being around everyone.

Carnival Glory Cruise Ship Sail-away Pool Deck
Carnival Glory Cruise Sail-Away Party

The Red Frog Rum Bar is hopping during Sail-away, it’s nice to have a place right by the pool to get a drink. Its slightly chilly outside, so we chose a spot along the pool to sit where the sun could still catch us. It won’t be long and the sun will be gone for the day. For now, it feels warm, the drink in my hand feels cool, and that, my friend, is one enticing combination.

Off to the Casino, which has now opened and hoards of people make their way to hopefully create their winning story this week. Unfortunately, my friends and I did not win big. This round goes to the Casino.

Before dinner we are all meeting at The Alchemy Bar for a clever named cocktail. There is usually something unique in each one. I chose the Beautiful and Bold Berrytini. It was really good. The half -circle bar with stools and another longer table make up the seating for this small bar. I love themed decor. There are flasks and drawers for ingredients behind the bar. The Bartenders are dressed like scientists and they mix, shake, and pour their science experiments, which is a show in itself. On to dinner with eight of us in our group. I have to admit, the first night seems a bit chaotic with the staff and service. Its not going to ruin my night, but I feel like they could use a few extra hands, it must be tough doing all that they do. Dinner takes a while and it’s good, I get some vegetarian sides and pom-tini, and still leave plenty full.

Its group slot pull time! This was one of my highlights of the evening. Six of us put in $120 each and run through $12 a spin. I don’t know how it was possible but we end up about $100 up each! It was so much fun cheering for everyone pushing the button. People would walk by as I am sure they were wondering what was up with all the cheering, high-fives, and clapping. It was a good time! I played a few other slot games and tried the Let It Ride Card game for the first time and won $30. Yay me! Making it rain.

The rest of the night went by fast as we spent a good portion of it visiting. I was worn out and took a minute to sit in the Atrium, the music had stopped and it let me think about this entire first day. So many things went right today. My favorite thing of the day was spending time with friends, seeing them smile, hearing their stories; it’s so wonderful and I’m so grateful for all of them. I cannot wait to see what we do tomorrow, day two of our cruise!

Now I am off to the lil’ cabin, get in my comfies, and snuggle in for the night. I am excited it will be my home for the next 7 nights!

Join me for Chapter 2 – Once upon a Sea Day!

Chapter 123456

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