St. Thomas Photo Tour of 5 Breathtaking Beaches – Coki – Sapphire – Lindquist – Magens – Secret Harbor

One of my favorite places to visit is St. Thomas USVI. This island has incredible beaches. Here are some highlights and a photo tour of 5 I have been lucky enough to have visited so far. Welcome to Coki, Sapphire, Lindquist, Magens, and Secret Harbor. There is something for everyone!

Coki Beach

I was so excited to get my first glimpse of Coki Beach through the trees and brush by the parking lot, the water looked so perfectly blue! This beach has so much to offer. Colorful umbrellas and chairs are lined up ready to provide that perfect beach day. Behind the beach and up some stairs there is a small bar, shops for things like towels, beach floaties, lotion, etc. The fresh cookie aroma greets you from the waffle cone ice cream shop. That reminded me of Sweet Martha’s Cookies from my local state fair. This beach is simply beautiful. Its a cozy spot, a beach cove snuggled in between green hills. The water is breathtaking, exactly what a Caribbean Beach should look like. This beach is a prime example of why I cruise – to see places like this.

Sapphire Beach

The name says it all! Sapphire Beach is amazing! It is a mix of nature and modern amenities. From the parking lot walk through covered bar that is open-air so the ocean breeze can come in. Food and Drinks are available as well as plenty of seating. A local vendor sells dresses and tops. Rent chairs, umbrellas, or watercraft and make this day an unforgettable day. I loved this beach space, you look one way and there are large rocks and look the other way and it’s just sand. The water is so inviting, once you step outside, the color of this beach seems to flow into your soul. This beach made me so happy, its everything I could ask for.

Lindquist Beach

Welcome to a quiet beach with lots of natural beauty. This beach surprised me. I was not sure what to expect. I would describe it as rugged, rustic, and restful. I believe this beach could inspire any writer and artist. There is a great stretch of beach with hardly anyone there. You could sit for hours on what seems like your own private island beach! There is so much space, I even saw horses on the far side beach! Riding a horse seems like something from a movie, perhaps one of these times back to St. Thomas I can try that. The iguanas make their appearance to catch some sun on some of the rocks. There is a picnic shelter and tables available for use. This feels more like a campground than a Caribbean beach until you see that beautiful ocean then you just breathe. There are no shops or restaurants, only quiet spots to enjoy the peaceful loveliness of this natural scenery.

Magens Beach

Likely the most common beach is Magens Beach. On an island tour this is the focal point of a few overlooks. It really is stunning to see from above! This beach has the views that outshine so many, and there is no wonder why it draws people from around the world to its shores! There are a lot of people coming and going, so absolutely no problem getting a ride once you spend your day here. There is a bar and older bathroom facilities; however, that doesn’t take anything away from this magical space. Sailboats and plenty of people line up to see this place. Its stunning, crystal clear water will kiss your feet, and waves always seem to be calm. What more could you ask for?

Secret Harbor Beach

Pssst. This is a secret beach! I can see why, beach resorts sandwich this beach and although it’s not large, it has a lot of character. A small walkway from the road leads you to the beach access. There is a bar and restaurant right on the beach. Have a snicky-snack or drink overlooking this beautiful beach in the shade and get a nice breeze coming off the ocean. Its no problem if you didnt change before going to this beach because there are nice bathrooms here, anyone can appreciate that. Pick a spot on the sand and jump in! This beach is so inviting, as if begging you to spend the day here. Parts of the ocean floor at this beach are rocky so wear your swim shoes to avoid scrapes or bruises on your feet. I did find sandy spots to stand too, so you just have to be careful. There is a swimming platform further out if you want to jump off and swim or snorkle. My friends went snorkeling and saw a large turtle!

I am so impressed by St. Thomas and what it has to offer. I cannot wait to go back and explore this island more!


Thank you for being here! If you enjoyed the Photo Tour, check out our videos.

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