Carnival Vista Cruise Photo Journal

After solely sailing on Norwegian Cruise Line, I tried Carnival Cruise Line for the first time to take advantage of a last minute post-dry dock unexpected cruise deal. This was a new ship for me so I could not resist taking more than my share of pictures!

If you prefer to watch the videos, check out these videos!

Carnival Vista Video Series #1

Carnival Vista Video Series #2


This Atrium was so pretty. The centerpiece is a digital screen pillar, changes throughout the day and night to different moving pictures like, galaxy, ocean, aquarium, squirrel in a tree, and falling leaves. I have not seen anything like it. Every time I would walk by, I would be in awe, I would have to stop and take it in. It’s such a cool feature.

The mornings are cool and quiet in the Atrium and as the day grows so does the warmth and commotion, by the night it is a hopping night club or country-folk music venue. Seems like there is something for everyone that happens here, from fruit carving, $10 madness sales, to a colorful 80’s Party, I loved this space. There are comfortable chairs with tables on the main level and bar stools surrounding the bar. The colors are mellow, which made it very welcoming and pleasant. I was surprised to see stools, couches on the second level also, many places to take in the activities this place hosts.

Pool Deck

The Main Pool on Deck 10 is a wide open space with cornerstones of food and drink venues, Guy’s Burger Joint, BlueIguana Cantina, BlueIgauana Tequila Bar, and RedFrog Rum Bar. The main part of the pool deck is exposed to all the sun you can handle; however, go up a deck to find loungers and padded couches under the shade and a free spirited breeze. There is music playing most of the day here, which makes it fun for sail away party, an afternoon soaking up the sun with your favorite cocktail, or evening walk. I enjoyed the steel drums in the afternoon in a padded chair and foot rest, that breeze got me to stay for quite a while. The pool also has two covered sitting areas where you can also put your feet in the pool, nice touch!

Check out some fun slides, you can see them from the pool. They are colorful and tall! You can find seating nearby too if you are looking for a place to wait for family or friends who are trying the slides.

Pool Snicky-Snacks & Happy-Sips

Guy’s Burger Joint

Near the Pool, you will find Guy’s Burger Joint. Be prepared for a line for this burg-ski as they say in the Mid-West. It is a very popular place to eat that is complimentary. Order the burger the way you want, then load up your plate with toppings and sides, bring to your lounge chair or munch in the shade at tables and chairs.

BlueIguana Cantina

This was one of my favorites! This little place has tacos and burritos to fill you up all day! Toppings that really matter like queso, salsa, hot sauce, tomatoes. You cannot go wrong. Also complimentary and convenient to the pool.

BlueIguana Tequila Bar

Don’t forget to grab yourself a cool drink for that hot pool day! BlueIquana Tequila Bar is just steps away. Get your happy on!

RedFrog Rum Bar

This place looks so fun! I think there is a reason RUM and SUN share the same song many times.


Deck 5 has so much to offer! You can walk all the way around the ship on this deck and see the ocean. There are restaurants and bars inside and outside. Plenty of seating to enjoy an afternoon catching a breeze.

Ocean Plaza

This is a popular place for events during the day, lots of seating where you will find music, trivia, games. At times there will be a mini-snack bar with small plates available. This is right off the main walk-through for the ship where you can find The Alchemy Bar, Photos, Coffee, and is close to so many things. This space has a cool tropical vibe with the palm trees and access to outside.

Red Frog Pub

The Red Frog Pub is a island themed bar, it’s always 5’o’Clock here. Share or don’t share a fish bowl and soak up those island vibes. This is such a cool venue, its always busy so go early for special events. Happy Hour drinks first day usually till 2 pm! Yes, everything gonna be alright!

Aft Pool

There is another pool at the aft of the ship. It is quieter and less crowded. There is a hot tub and a full bar. Many tables with umbrellas can be found here as well as plenty of loungers. You can find pizza and seafood back here too which is nice to have. Go up a deck and find additional seating. We caught a sunrise here on our way to Mexico, what a great way to start the day!

Serenity Deck

Are you serious! This adult only place is so nice, plenty of comfy seating, bar, and a salad bar for your afternoon munchies.

Sports Deck

There are many things to keep you busy on the Sports Deck. The Ropes Course hovers above the playground. Colorful games such as multi-level mini-golf, Foosball, 4 Square, Twister, Shuffleboard are spread out on this deck. There are places to sit too. You can find the Sky Ride here as well and take in the views from high above on the monorail mounted bike.


Take in one or more IMAX movies for a small fee. I was excited to see National Parks and Super Dogs while I was aboard. This is a definite must see in my opinion. There were a couple of rainy days and this was a perfect thing to do. Lots of space and very cool theater, plus there are snacks available to purchase.


The ship would not be complete without a kids (and big kids) arcade. Tons of games and prizes to be had, spend an evening with a little old school entertainment!


There is something for everyone on this nice ship, quiet spaces for reading, pool parties, music, trivia, karaoke, comedy, crazy 80’s parties. So much to take in during a cruise.

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