Norwegian Bliss December 2018

Ok, I have to admit, I’ve been dreaming of you, the Bliss, that is. I booked this cruise 2 years ago, when it was just an idea. Now I am just days away. I sail away on December 1, 2018 out of Miami. I am already in vacation mode, even a couple weeks prior. I have shopped on Amazon for a few new things, tried out my camera and tried on those cruise things in my closet to make sure I fit all of them. As usual, my pre cruise diet didn’t go well, I am just hoping to do damage control when. I get back, because who am I kidding? I have 6 days to go, I cannot focus on anything else. So pre cruise I have purchased the normal travel items, but also a waterproof bag, a couple of whiteboards, post it notes. Where does the pre cruise spending stop I am not sure. Oh well, I have not cruised in almost a year, it’s been a long wait. Sunday before the cruise, I sit here watching football to fill the space, but to be honest my mind is on my cruise. I get my hair done tomorrow, I also have to work this week till Thursday. My husband, Brian, and I road trip it over to Miami on Friday! So 4 days of work, I know all of you might know what I am talking about. The countdown is now almost hours. Its Bliss. I just have to get through to Friday. I haven’t packed. I started putting stuff on the dining table.

Now its in a laundry basket waiting to be meticulously packed in the suitcase for the trip. I have tried on 50 shirts to see what I want most, my brain… 7 days plus travel, plus a couple nice ones or extra if I spill my mango meltdown… how many will suffice? All these questions. I have printed the forms for boarding. It’s now to make sure I remember everything I need and nothing more.