The Travels of Deb and Brian

Deb and I are born travelers. We just aren’t content staying in the same places and never going anywhere. In one of our more amusing and honestly…crazy…episodes, we once drove from Minneapolis, MN to Madison, WI for lunch. Yes, we drove 4 hours, had lunch, turned around and drove home. Thanks to finding and thoroughly enjoying the vlogs on YouTube we wanted to start putting together our life’s scrapbook of all these adventures. We now live in beautiful Pensacola, FL.


Our travelling started out right away when we were married in June of 1994. We were somewhat limited in excess funds, so our honeymoon was a road trip to….wait for it….romantic Madison, Wisconsin! Later that year, we booked ourselves a trip to Walt Disney World in Florida. It was the first flight ever for either of us and the first time in Florida. Since then, we were full blown Disney nerds, taking our kids to Walt Disney World over 25 times.

It is only in recent years that the Disney bug left us, and was replaced with Florida Beaches (Destin, I’m looking at you…) and Las Vegas. That is, until February of 2017. We took a ride for a week on the Norwegian Escape cruise ship and fell completely in love with cruising.

In between those Disney trips we’ve been to a lot of places: Nashville, Anaheim, Dallas, Branson, Hilton Head Island, Destin, Biloxi, Denver, Rapid City, Las Vegas, Wisconsin Dells, Chicago, NASCAR in Kansas City, and more. Hopefully, we’re able to keep going to see even more.

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